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Springtime is Coming

“ For this is the Passover of the Lord, in which, by hearing His Word and celebrating his Sacraments, we share in his victory over death.”

   “Look around and behold the newness of life that is now springing forth. Trees are blossoming; green grass overtaking the dead and a new fragrance rests upon the earth.” Someone brought these words to us in front of Planned Parenthood last Holy Saturday. Reflect the next time you stand in the face of death of the springtime that has already come. Holy Week calls us to walk the Via Dolorosa with our Lord, to partake of His sufferings but, it also calls us to participate in “raising things that were cast down” and sharing in the newness of life granted at the cross. The finished work of Christ on the cross has granted us this assurance. This is why we visit the abortion centers on Holy Saturday. We come expectantly waiting for the day when we will no longer stand at the tomb. We come to proclaim the Passover of the Lord, his victory over death by destroying death itself. We come to announce that, “the springtime has come my darling and the winter is now past.” With faith in Jesus Christ, we will see the end to abortion because we already know how it ends; in victory. And just as we wait for the coming of Easter, so we now wait for an end to abortion, knowing that victory is fast approaching.

 “Rejoice and sing now, all the round earth, bright with a glorious splendor, for darkness has been vanquished by our eternal King!”


it’s like in the great stories, mr. frodo

Romans 5, verses 3 through 5:

And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that

tribulation brings about perseverance;

                    and perseverance, proven character;

                            and proven character, hope;

and hope does not disappoint,

because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts…

You know those verses that just follow you around? The ones that seem to trail casually along behind every thought, or wave at you from across the room during dinner. The inescapables. The things God really seems to need you to remember. THAT is Romans 5:3-5. The verses that will not be silent. And although God has not fully explained them to me just yet, I get the idea that this passage, in my current life, has everything to do with the hope of Christ versus the fear of disappointment.

Hope is everything to a Christian. We cannot have faith without it. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” We live day to day in the hope of the resurrection. In knowing that Jesus died for our sins, that He has forgiven us, and that, someday, He will return for His bride. Hope is not a feeling we experience, it’s a response we choose. Jesus promises, and we hope. And the more we see His promises fulfilled, the more our hope grows and the steadier our faith becomes.

Now Satan knows this, and he will do everything in his power to destroy the truth of it. He will do everything he can to convince us, the children of God, that our Father does not keep His promises, and that our faith is in vain. He very much wants us to feel disappointed, because he knows that disappointment makes way for doubt and produces fear. And fear is the opposite of hope.

Our generation has been trained in suspicion. We have been taught that truth is transitory, that it changes with the hands that hold it. We have been told to trust no one, believe nothing, and in doing so protect ourselves from being made into fools. Find it out for yourself kid, and don’t be surprised when it’s not all you hoped for.

That is the lie Satan would have us believe. That life is full of disappointment, and that God is to blame. That is the lie I have been contending with all through Lent, and I’m pretty sure that’s why I can’t seem to get more than a few steps before running smack into this verse in Romans. God constantly asks me to acknowledge hope. And it’s crazy because Satan has been telling me that there is no hope in Christ and that my faith is a joke. But the more he tells me, and the more I wrestle with it, the more God proves His faithfulness and my hope increases. Once more, Satan is exposed and God is glorified.

And that is what I pray for you on this Easter Sunday. That your soul would be full of the certainty of God’s promises for your life, and that your heart would definitely, INESCAPABLY be full of hope. Despite the trials. And despite the hurt. That’s my prayer.

Peace of the Lord,


Internship ’08

CEC for Life is considering hosting an internship at the CEC for Life world head quarter’s here in the heart of the south, Birmingham, AL. The internship will be post convocation (dates TBA). Winners of the CEC for Life youth contest are eligible to participate if interested. Please indicate that you are interested in the internship when you submit your contest project. This is great practical pro-life experience that is not only fun, but even educational as well. 

 (CEC For Life Headquarters – Mail Day)

True story: I procrastinate like Waffle House serves coffee.

Except for today, because TODAY I have finally posted the March for Life photos. Enjoy, my friends, enjoy.

The Standard.

I have so many pictures of this flag.

Fr Terry

Fr. Terry, opening in prayer.

Fr Terry






The new patriarch speaking to the people.


Best face EVER

Fr. Mark Johnson, making the best face ever.


Steps of the Supreme Court.


Alan Melanson addressing the youth of the CEC.




Bishop Jones giving the blessing.


Closing worship.


Awesome New Yorkers.


Lots and lots of pro-lifers.


Alan and Katie.




Family photo.

New Yorkers

Deacon Ralph and his sassy wife, Jamie.


That’s all for the moment. There are plenty more posted on my Facebook, these are just the ones I liked best. Hopefully you guys did too. And hopefully some of you have started working on your ideas for this year’s contest. The deadline is April 15th, you know, so don’t procrastinate. That’s my job.



Orphans…(Pt. 2)

So last week I began chewing on the definition of “orphan.”  How do we minister to these to them?  This past weekend my church went to Planned Parenthood and prayed the Liturgy at Time of Death for the Pre-born.  During this service there is a time of releasing the murdered children into the arms of God.  For me, this is the greatest way we can minister to these orphans.  What are some ways you think we can minister to these orphans?  Leave a comment below.

the books, montag!

I took a little road trip this weekend. Up to Virginia for a few days to visit the Stand True Crew and, on Friday, up to Pennsylvania to see even more Stand True people (Bryan the Kemper, his lovely assistant Rachel, Emma the hobbit, and of course Jodie, one of many hippies who call Stand True home.) It was pretty great, like a family reunion, but no weird uncle and even less potato salad.

So I was set to leave Wilmington on Thursday, and on Tuesday I went to the library to check out some audio books. You see, I very wisely gave up music for Lent. I use the word “wisely” in complete faith. Had I known that I was going to take a road trip involving around 15 hours of drive time, I may have reconsidered the decision altogether. Which is most likely why I didn’t know if I was going until the last minute. God knows His kids.

Anyway, one of the books I checked out was Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. (Awesome by the way. You should read it.  After you read my blog.) So I’m on my way to PA, listening to my audio book, and one of the characters during a conversation about his dead grandfather says, “He shaped the world. He did things to the world. The world was bankrupted of ten million fine actions the night he passed on.” In comparison to the rest of the book, this is a much lesser quote, but it absolutely stuck to me as I started to think it over.

If we look at life as a series of moments, one direct experience after another, it gets big. Really big. It’s not 90 years, its about 18 million moments. 18 million chances to experience God’s love and mercy and favor. And then if we consider all the other people who will inevitably enter into our moments, and how our moment will affect theirs, which will in turn affect someone else’s–it’s like the ripple effect of all time. We are continuously moving from moment to moment, experiencing the world one 60-second interval at a time.

So where am I going with this? Why am I talking about how we experience life? Because after that great rhapsody of thought, after the weight of a life truly lived settled in my mind, the weight of a life truly lost followed. 

When a baby is aborted, it’s not just a life that ends, it’s an entire world of possibility torn away from a child of God. He crafted that child, He set her spirit in motion, started the clock on her 18 million moments and said “Go for it kid. You have your Father’s creativity and my Son’s grace. Live your moments.”

That’s what is lost. A life and more. Not only will that child never have the chance to meet the world, the world will never have the chance to meet that child. And it could have been good. Real good. And the reason I choose to stand for life, the reason I choose to follow God wherever He takes this, is because I cannot sit back and watch the Enemy steal this generation’s potential. To put us in a place so broken and so full of death that we can no longer hear God’s voice whisper, “Go for it kid. You have your Father’s creativity and my Son’s grace.” I’m not for that. I’m for God.

Hopefully you guys read the last blog and are considering submitting an entry for this year’s contest. If you’re waiting for some confirmation, here’s a note from the Lord: DO IT! Do it and start becoming a voice for the ones who have no voice. Give some of your moments for the ones who only experienced a few, the last of which were spent in immense pain. It’s really not that difficult when you have the source of creation on Your side. Pray for wisdom, come up with an idea, and ENTER THE CONTEST.

That’s all I have for now. Pictures of the march will be up next week, if not sooner.  

Peace of the Lord,




The CEC for Life 2008 contest is now officially underway!
This year’s contest purpose is aimed to tap into the creativity of youth today to release the gifts of the Holy Spirit each one is given through their ideas.
We are asking that each participant submit an original idea to protest abortion and draw others into a pro-life worldview. You may express your ideas through a DVD/movie presentation, Website, etc. You must also include how you would draw others to participate in your idea and promote it (i.e. How would you promote your website, What ways of communication would you use?).
You must also include who your audience will be for your idea. (i.e. Is your idea intended only for youth, or for the young at heart as well?).
Here are some ideas that have ignited passion in the heart of the pro-life movement especially through youth.
1.Silent Siege
2.Silent Day of Awareness
3. Pro-life t-shirt day
4. Crosses matched to number of abortions
5. Stand True Ministries
 We are asking you to present an original idea that would be helpful to ignite another passionate drive in the hearts and minds of youth today.
We will select three winners who will receive their airfare and hotel expenses (w/roommate) paid for to attend the International Convocation, July 30- Aug. 1, 2008. For international entries we will provide a $550 scholarship towards your trip.
All entries must be submitted by April 15th and winners will be announced April 18th 2008.
Please send your entries to:

CEC for Life
4614 Carnegie Ave.

Fairfield, AL 35064