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Alabama Youth on Pro-life T-shirt day Do Silent Siege

Tuesday April, 29th was The American Life Leagues national pro-life T-shirt day. This years theme for the T-shirt is “Growing…Growing…Gone.” The  American Life League is an organization rooted in pro-life integrity that stands up for every innocent human being whose life is threatened by what Pope John Paul II called “the culture of death.” That ranges from the child whose life begins at fertilization to the elderly, the infirm and others at risk of having their life terminated before natural death by acts of euthanasia. The pro-life position notes that neither abortion nor euthanasia can ever be medically necessary or morally permitted. (

In Selma Al, Cathedral Academy and others from around the community held a “Silent Siege” in front of City Hall. A “Silent Siege” is just this—we build up a wall and stand in the gap on behalf of our nation (Ezekiel 22:30). When LIFE is written on a piece of red tape and placed on our mouths, we are identifying with the silent cries of the unborn and of those who have no voice. Our stand is not a protest, but a silent prayer meeting. We make our appeal to the Judge of the earth and ask Him for speedy justice to be released. It is a plea— “Oh, that God would subpoena the conscience of America!” (

– Andrew Slagel

(Pictures to come)


“Is This What You Mean?”- New Project launched by Priests for Life

Fr. Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, has posted three videos on youtube demonstrating the most common abortion procedures using abortion instruments and fetal models. In one video you see the actual babies being examined by a doctor. The links are below. – Dismemberment D&E Procedure – Suction Abortion Procedure – Prostaglandin Abortion Procedure


Upcoming Events!

That’s right… we need to throw some on the board here. If you know of any upcoming pro-life event in your area or around the world that you will be involved in, then post it on the blog. We want to spread the fire by word of mouth… or text, which ever happens first. 

Thanks- Jacob

Samuel Lytle Rubin

Sorry about not updating you on the Rubin family, here is an email that went out a few days ago:

“After a long struggle to the point of risking her own life, Melissa Rubin delivered her son, Samuel Lytle Rubin. His journey was straight to heaven to be in the loving arms of Jesus. He received the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Unction.”- Fr. Terry Gensemer

Please continue to pray for the Rubin family as they grieve the loss of their son. 

Let us remember those children who are not offered nor permitted the sacraments of the church. They are denied their baptism. -Jacob

Samuel Lytle, pray for us. 


Pray for the Rubin Family

Friends of Life,

Please pray for Donald and Melissa Rubin(Church of the Reconciler, Birmingham, AL) as Melissa’s body is struggling to fight for her unborn child. Melissa was seen at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Fetal and Maternal medicine clinic yesterday and doctors have now informed them that their unborn baby is in crisis now. She has been fighting for several weeks now and needs our prayers.  As warriors for life, please intercede on behalf of Melissa and her child. Please also pray for her husband Donald, and children, Nathaniel, Brooke, Christopher, and Joseph.

– Jacob




“Bella”, the most important movie in years is coming to DVD Tomorrow, May 6.

I can honestly say this is in my top 5 movies of all time, you must see this movie. We are not receiving anything for putting this message out, this is not a paid advertisement. We feel so strongly in the message and passion of this movie we feel compelled to do everything we can to promote it.

Two years ago at the March for Life in Washington DC, we had the privilege of hosting an advanced screening of the movie Bella. I was some what anxious as the packed theatre had to wait until almost midnight before we could start the movie. Everyone was cold and tired as we had been out on the streets most of the day at prayer vigils and other pro-life events. I hoped that the mostly younger crowd would appreciate what they were about to experience.

When the movie was over I was trying to wipe the tears from my eyes before anyone could notice I had been crying. I knew I was going to enjoy the movie from the previews I had seen, but I never knew it would move me this much. I have seen the movie at least 20 times now, and I have been just as inspired each time.

This is not your typical cheesy Christian movie. They do not get the point across with preaching and judgment. The movie shows how the love of God and family can change the world. This movie shows us how we can love someone and share the hope of Christ with out shoving religion down their throats. This movie embodies love like almost no other movie I have seen.

If you just buy one movie this year, it has to be “Bella” – Bella will be in stores on DVD Tomorrow, May 6th

Watch the trailer below or at

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper
Stand True Ministries

Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

This past Tuesday, April 29th, was the 6th Annual Pro-Life T-shirt day hosted by Rock for Life and ALL.  This was a simple way people to let people know their stance on life.  This is the type of creativity we are looking for in the CEC for Life 2008 Contest.

So, how many you participated in this?  How many of you knew this was even happening?  Fr. Terry has been doing broadcasts off and on of the last 2 months and we are trying to get these type of events out there.  Let us know if this is working.