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Michael Phelps at a very young age






The 40 Days for Life campaign is a set apart time where many people from across the country will unite in prayer and fasting for the end of abortion in our nation and throughout the world. People will be praying 24/7 at abortion centers and fasting in order to see a physical change of the landscape of our culture. Check out to find out where the campaign will be in your local community.

Will you give up your precious time to pray for  precious children in need?

 “Our hands did not shed this blood, nor did our eyes see it done.  Accept this atonement for your people Israel, whom you have redeemed, O LORD, and do not hold your people guilty of the blood of an innocent man.” And the bloodshed will be atoned for. So you will purge from yourselves the guilt of shedding innocent blood, since you have done what is right in the eyes of the LORD.” – Deut. 21:7-9

Israeli Unborn Baby Victimized by Abortion, Put in Freezer, Comes Back to Life

Nahariya, Israel ( — An unborn child who became a victim of abortion in Israel reportedly came back to life hours later despite spending five hours in a freezer following the abortion. The incident points to the humanity of a baby before birth and the frequent cases of botched abortions.

Following the abortion, the father of the child asked to see the baby girl. After officials pulled her body from a cooler at the Western Galilee Hospital where the abortion was done, they discovered she was still alive.

“I’ve been a doctor for 35 years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing happen. This is somewhat of a medical miracle,” Dr. Moshe Daniel, deputy chief of staff at the hospital, told the Jerusalem Post.

The incident could prompt both an internal hospital and external governmental investigation into the failed abortion.

“We’ve informed the Health Ministry and I guess they’ll appoint a commission of inquiry. The hospital will ask for an external investigation of the case,” Daniel said.

According to the newspaper, the mother of the baby was 26 weeks into the pregnancy at the time of the late-term abortion. A medical test showed she was supposedly experiencing internal bleeding and doctors indicated the baby showed no signs of life.

The baby reportedly had no pulse at the time of the abortion and weighed 610 grams. Physicians pronounced her dead and she was taken to a medical cooler.

After they retrieved her body, officials saw her start to breathe and she was rushed to intensive care.

Daniel told the Post he didn’t think the infant girl would survive.

“Because of just how premature she is, her chances are very slim,” he said. “Then again, she already saw divine intervention once so you never know. We’re doing everything we can for her.”

That stands in contrast to what doctors and nurses at a Chicago-area hospital did eight years ago that prompted Illinois legislators, and Congress, to vote for a bill to protect newborns who survive failed abortions.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has come under fire for opposing it.


Yes. Abortion Hurts.

I was doing a little research today on our recent protest at the Epoc abortion clinic in Orlando, FL and came across their website which proudly boasts five abortion centers for convienience. All which are owned by Dr. James Pendergraft.  The website gives all of the usual medical criteria about what to bring, payment procedures etc. and then offers a page that lists twenty frequently asked questions.

The first question listed is ,” Does it Hurt?.” Any woman or human being for that matter who knows the history of this clinic would certainly be justified in asking this question. Remember this clinic is famous for not calling the paramedics when they botched an abortion just a few years earlier in 2005. Baby Rowan was the victim after he was born alive! This is certainly bad business for a place that makes its money on the murder of preborn children. Here’s a quote from the actual 911 call by a friend of the mother,

“It’s a women’s clinic . . . My friend is having an abortion and the baby was born alive. . . . They’re not allowing her to use the phone there. They’re wanting the baby to die! . . . and she’s not wanting that to happen.”

Read the article here.

“Discomfort” isn’t the only pain received at this abortion clinic. Abortion does hurt women. Women are scarred physically and emotionally.  Abortion kills children. Baby Rowan was left to die after he was delivered alive!

The last question on the page is, “Is the abortion performed by a ‘real’ doctor?”  Yes. Dr. Pendergraft is a real doctor, no doubt about that. You can read his complete resume on the web. Does he perform most of the medical procedures required by law to be practiced by a doctor? According to the research found, probably not.  Here is another testimony from a medical assistant who previously worked at the Epoc Clinic.

“She herself had delivered women with no doctor present, and disposed of babies’ bodies that way. She added that no doctor was present during most deliveries, leaving medical assistants, and often unlicensed workers to care for patients. When she worked for Dr. Pendergraft, she said, she was one of two licensed workers among 10 on staff. ”

Although this clinic was open the day we visited , darkness trembled at the power of God present in the more than 150+ young persons gathered to declare and witness the awesome power of life! May the seed of the woman crush the serpent’s head!

– Jacob

Fellowship and The Good Fight

CEC For Life had a phenomenal time last week with all the youth that attended International Convocation in Orlando, FL. Not only were we able to fellowship and meet new people from the states and around the world, but CEC for Life also had the opportunity to hold a youth rally in the hotel and a prayer vigil at a local abortion clinic.


The youth rally took place on Thursday night after regular evening service. Speakers included Alan Melanson from Church of the Intercessor in Malverne, NY, Sarah Howell from Church of St. Peter in Wilmington, NC, and our new patriarch, Bishop Craig Bates. Bishop Bates came before our youth with encouragement and passion, reminding them that they are a chosen generation with the grace and ability to bring about change in the world around them.


The following day we put the patriarch’s words to the test by gathering in prayer outside of the EPOC abortion clinic. About 160 youth lined the sidewalks around the clinic, each with a strip of red “LIFE” tape placed over their mouths. At one point, Brazilian street team Benei Aor ministered with a dance called “Father of Life.” As the song played, the words “Let it rain” were sung out over and over. Suddenly, the hot sun disappeared behind the clouds and God’s grace covered us in a cool rain. We praised God and concluded with a liturgy for the pre-born.


For all those who attended these events, we thank you. For all those whose prayers and hard work made this happen, we thank you as well. We pray that the relationships formed and the seeds planted in our hearts this past week will come to grow in fullness and wonder, and that God will bring us all together again in His own good time.


Peace of the Lord,

CEC For Life