Ireland 2010

The first phase of our trip will center on the rally in Belfast. You would need to arrive in Belfast on July 1st. That means you would need to fly out of the US on June 30th. Anyone (families, youth, etc.) can attend this part of the trip. On Friday July 2nd the youth that are with us will help Precious Life prepare for the rally which will take place on Saturday July 3rd. We will leave Sunday or Monday to tour areas (monasteries, religious and historic sites) in other parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Plan on returning to the US on Wednesday July 7th. There are many more flights into Dublin then there are into Belfast. You may want to fly into and out of Dublin and rent a car or Fr. Terry will be taking a van from Dublin to Belfast on July 1st. There will be limited seats on the van so if you are thinking of riding with Fr. Terry, let us know ASAP.

Some convenient Hotels in Belfast are Listed Below

Urban Holiday Rentals Belfast

Jury’s Inn

Belfast Hilton

Holiday Inn Belfast

The second phase of the trip will begin on Wednesday July 7th leaving from Dublin and is geared toward college aged youth and young adults. It is the Youth Defence Roadshow. This part is more limited to those with Pro-life activist experience. There are also limited spaces available and will need to be coordinated with Fr. Terry and the Youth Defence Leadership. Those going on the Roadshow can stay a week or two weeks. You may have to ride a bus or train on your own back to Dublin.

For those of you interested in the roadshow in Ireland this year, here are the dates and the towns we will visit.

Wed. July 7th- Drogheda,Dundalk
Thurs. July 8th- Athlone, Mullingar
Fri. July 9th- Sligo,Longford
Sat. July 10th- Castlebar, Ballina
Mon. July 12th- Galway
Tues. July 13th- Limerick
Wed. July 14th- Tralee
Thurs. July 15th- Cork
Fri. July 16th- Clonmel, Waterford
Sat.- July 17th Kilkenny, Portlaoise

Here is a link to a short video clip about the roadshow. Click here for the link.