Pro-life Freedom Rides Has Been Launched

Pro-life freedom ride project has been launched!

EWTN will show video clips about the Pro-Life Freedom Rides on EWTN Live, Wednesday, April 28 at 8pm ET  and on Life on the Rock, Thursday, April 29 at 8pm ET.

Phase 1: Prayer Campaign: Pentecost Sunday (May 23) through Independence Day (July 4)

Priests for Life invites you to become a Freedom Rider for the unborn by first of all joining the prayer campaign.  This consists of saying the daily prayer to end abortion which you can find by clicking here.

“My Uncle Martin had a dream that Protestants and Catholics and Gentiles and Jews would join together and sing the age old spiritual ‘Free at Last,’” stated Dr. Alveda King. “At Priests for Life, we will be singing and praying on the Pro-life Freedom Rides. We urge all people of good will to join us as we link the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th Century to the heart cry for life in the 21st Century.”

Six Principles of Non-Violence and Glossary of Non-Violence

A video message from Dr. Alveda King about the Pro-Life Freedom Rides (3:70)

Dr. Alveda King, who is a full-time member of the Pastoral Team of Priests for Life and niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., will be leading “Pro-life Freedom Rides” in the coming months, building on a method that the Civil Rights Movement used effectively forty years ago.

In that movement, thirteen individuals boarded a bus in Washington DC in 1961 and headed for New Orleans. Their intent was to test the enforcement of a Supreme Court decision the previous year that outlawed racial segregation in the restaurants and waiting areas of bus terminals that served interstate travelers.

That one ride led to dozens of others in various parts of the country, with hundreds of people getting involved.

Now, Dr. King and the team of Priests for Life believe it is time for a “Pro-life Freedom Ride,” a peaceful, visible expression of the commitment of people around the country to work for freedom for the unborn. The rides will choose cities with strategic significance for the movement. While pro-life activists ride the buses, all pro-life people nationwide will be invited to participate simultaneously in concrete activities that will call for freedom on various levels: freedom from the lies that permit abortion, freedom from the despair that leads to and follows abortion, freedom from the fear that keeps people from fighting abortion, freedom from the political oppression that robs the unborn of their rights before the law.


Proclaim Freedom for the Unborn

The pro-life movement is all about freedom. That’s why Priests for Life, with the leadership of our Pastoral Associate Dr. Alveda King, is launching “Freedom Rides” for the unborn to galvanize pro-life activity across the country.

During the Civil Rights movement, the “Freedom Rides” constituted a distinctive moment of resolve and unity. The Supreme Court, in its 1960 decision Boynton vs. Virginia, had outlawed segregation in bus terminals and restaurants serving interstate travelers. So the following spring, thirteen people – seven African-Americans and six whites – decided to travel by bus from Washington DC to New Orleans to test the enforcement of that Supreme Court decision.

Along the way, particularly in Alabama, they encountered opposition and violence from those who did not want desegregation. But having been brutally attacked, and some lying with wounds in hospital beds, the “Freedom Riders” vowed that the journey would continue. That’s when others joined in, and the initial Freedom Ride became 60 rides across Southern states in the summer of 1961, with some 450 riders participating. And by the fall of that same year, the government issued orders for the enforcement of desegregation at the bus terminals.

The Civil Rights movement and the Pro-Life movement have the same heart and soul: a longing for equal justice for everyone, based on the inherent dignity of every human life. That’s why, when Dr. Alveda King first walked with me at the annual March for Life and I asked her, “Does this remind you of the marches in the civil rights movement?” she declared, “Fr. Frank, this is the civil rights movement!” Both movements are movements of freedom.

It is therefore time for Freedom Rides for the unborn. The pro-life movement is more ready than ever to proclaim freedom…

Freedom from the lies and the deceit that allow abortion to continue…

Freedom from the fear of speaking up and taking action for the unborn…

Freedom from the shame and guilt of past involvement in abortion, so that those called to speak up and share their testimonies may do so as people who are “Silent No More”…

Freedom from the political oppression that tramples on human rights and denies equality before the law…

Freedom from violence and death itself.

People will be invited to participate in the Freedom Rides themselves. The bus rides are a symbol of the journey we are on, of the fellowship we share with each other, and of the fact that we are a movement. Major events in cities along the bus routes will be held, in which all the different facets of the pro-life movement will be invited to participate.

At the same time, people not on the rides or along the route can participate by being “Freedom Riders for the Unborn” and carrying out special projects that will be coordinated among Freedom Riders nationwide.

In his first public sermon, Jesus summarized his message and mission by saying he had come to “proclaim liberty to the captives…” As his disciples, as his People of Life, let us do the same!

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life


Marvel/DC Comics Illustrator Creates Pro-Life Comic Book

By Peter J. Smith

UNITED STATES, April 29, 2010 ( – Professional illustrators come in all shapes and sizes, but very few of them have a pro-life or Christian perspective. But that is something that Dan Lawlis, a professional illustrator for over 20 years who has created comic book art for companies like Marvel and DC Comics, wants to change.

Lawlis is endeavoring to use the internet to bring a new comic book vision to the world, and has made his first go at the effort with the comic called “Orange Peel” – a story set in a technologically advanced future, where evil aliens plot to take-over the neighboring planet Godderth for conquest. However, they first plan to make conquest easy by getting the inhabitants of Godderth to abandon their morality, destroy the family unit, and become so morally impoverished that they will welcome their would-be conquerors with open arms.

The premise of the book is that somewhere in the future, human beings learned how to transport themselves to distant planets, but the transportation led to transformations in their appearance, making them alien-like.

The comic’s artwork is visually stunning and appealing, and little wonder: Lawlis has worked on characters like Spiderman, the Hulk, X-Men and more.

But those characters, he said in an e-mail to (LSN), are more or less atheistic in their outlook. Instead, he was looking for a character that would appeal to comic book and science fiction fans and help introduce a pro-life Christian message “into what is mostly an anti-Christian atheist entertainment culture.”

The main character, “Paul Roman” wears an orange jumpsuit with a “3” emblazoned on the front – a reference to the Trinity – drives a futuristic roadster called “Orange Peel,” and engages in sharing the Good News with a bunch of alien thugs on Godderth, who call themselves “the Red Menace.”

For Lawlis, this is his first attempt in a goal of creating a product that has a Christian/pro-life message within it, but can be accessible to a mainstream audience. While he admits he may not yet have hit the mark, he hopes to improve the comic with input and ideas from pro-life advocates.

“What I am asking for is feedback/support from the Pro-Life community,” said Lawlis. “The art community is very pro-abortion and I don’t think my comic book will be received well by them,” adding that he may face repercussions in the industry as well.

The comic book can be viewed here. Interested viewers can contact Lawlis with advice and constructive criticism through the Orange Peel 3 website:

Another Abortion Clinic Exposed

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion

A baby boy abandoned by doctors to die after a botched abortion was found alive nearly two days later.

By Simon Caldwell

Published: 4:29PM BST 28 Apr 2010

The 22-week infant later died in intensive care at a hospital in the mother’s home town of Rossano in southern Italy.

The mother, pregnant for the first time, had opted for an abortion after prenatal scans suggested that her baby was disabled.

However the infant survived the procedure, carried out on Saturday in the Rossano Calabria hospital, and was left by doctors to die.

He was discovered alive the following day – some 20 hours after the operation – by Father Antonio Martello, the hospital chaplain, who had gone to pray beside his body.

He found that the baby, wrapped in a sheet with his umbilical cord still attached, was moving and breathing.

The priest raised the alarm and doctors immediately arranged for the infant to be taken to a specialist neonatal unit at a neighbouring hospital where he died on Monday morning.

Italian police are investigating the case for “homicide” because infanticide is illegal in Italy.

The law means that doctors have had an obligation to try to preserve the life of the child once he had survived the abortion.

The Italian government is also considering an inquiry into the conduct of the hospital staff.

The case has reignited controversy on the legality of abortion in the proudly Roman Catholic country.

It could also raise questions in Britain over the legal upper limits for abortion and the viability of the foetus – or its ability to survive outside of the womb.

A spokesman for the ProLife Alliance said: “There cannot be anybody in the world who is not horrified by a story like this nor anybody in the UK who would not support a massive reduction in the upper limit for abortion.”

Most abortions at 22 weeks simply involve the induction of the birth which normally results in the death of a young foetus.

The case is causing uproar in Italy because it is the second involving a foetus of that age surviving the procedure in just three years.

The other involved a baby in Florence who weighed just 17oz when he was aborted at 22 weeks because of a suspected genetic disorder but lived for three days.

Since 1978 abortion has been available on demand in Italy in the first three months of pregnancy but is restricted to specific circumstances – such as disability- in the second trimester. The government is considering a review of the working of the laws.

The case also comes as figures in Britain revealed last week that the number of babies born weighing only 2lbs has more than doubled in just two years.

Yet the proportion of tiny babies born stillborn has nearly halved, the health service statistics have shown.

The figures do not reveal at what stage the babies were born but a child weighing under 2lbs is likely to have been born at least three months early.

They will inevitably include some born alive at an age when they could, in other circumstances, have been aborted.

More than 200,000 abortions are performed each year, most for non-medical reasons within the legal upper limit of 24 weeks gestation.

The increasing number of babies surviving below 24 weeks, partly because of advances in medicine, has led to widespread calls for the legal upper limit to be further reduced.

Attempts to lower the limit failed in Parliament in 2008.

In 2005 a baby boy in Manchester was born alive at 24 weeks after surviving three attempts to abort him. He is now a five-year-old schoolboy.

USA Today: ObamaCare Sparked State-Level Pro-Life Legislation Frenzy

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 27, 2010 ( – A rush to restrict abortion in the wake of the passage of President Obama’s abortion-expanding health care bill has led to a flurry of pro-life legislation on the state level, a fact that USA Today acknowledged in a front-page article Monday.

Although abortion emerged as the decisive factor at every major turning point in the federal health care bill’s journey toward law, the mainstream media largely resisted giving the issue center stage during the debate about the bill, focusing attention on conflicting reports of the bill’s price tag, among other issues.

Weeks later, however, the jarring effect of Congress having passed the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade has engendered visible repercussions among local legislators, giving rise to a new motivation to seek protection for the unborn.

“Dozens of states are passing or debating new restrictions on abortion, a trend fueled in part by passage of the nation’s new health care law,” reported USA Today’s Alison Young, who claimed that “both sides of the hot-button issue are seeing new approaches to reduce abortions.”

Elizabeth Nash of the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, admitted to the newspaper that, “This year, particularly in the past couple of weeks, it’s really turned into a free-for-all on trying to restrict abortions.” Mary Spaulding Balch of the National Right to Life Committee confirmed that 2010 has been “very successful” in terms of pro-life legislation.

Perhaps the most prominent piece of legislation was a bill recently passed in Nebraska that bans abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation based on scientific data that unborn children feel the pain of being killed at that age. The law is the first directly to challenge Roe v. Wade’s sanction of all abortion until viability at around 22 weeks, and throws a wrench in late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s business at his Bellevue, Neb. abortion facility.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma legislature overrode a governor veto of two abortion-restriction bills. One requires abortion-bound women to be shown an ultrasound image of their baby within an hour of the procedure, while the second bans so-called “wrongful life” lawsuits, launched against doctors for failing to report an unborn child’s deformity in time for him or her to be legally killed.

A Kansas bill that would have forced late-term abortionists to document the medical justification for each abortion according to state law was vetoed on April 15 by Gov. Mark Parkinson, the successor of the deeply pro-abortion Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius, although legislators will attempt to override the veto.

And North Dakota’s Secretary of State last week approved a petition for a ban on decapitating and crushing the skulls of unborn children, which is now in the signature-gathering stage.

Indiana Right to Life has withdrawn its endorsement of Republican U.S. Senate candidate

by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 26
, 2010

Washington, DC ( — Indiana Right to Life has withdrawn its endorsement of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Richard Behney after he attacked pro-life advocates at a tea party rally. The conservative activist lost support from the pro-life group’s PAC after speaking to an Indianapolis Tea Party event for candidates.

At the event, Behney made the wild accusation that top pro-life leaders are more concerned about themselves than stopping abortions.

“One of the things I’m most disappointed about in running for the United States Senate – I’ve met many people here – I’ve met many of these leaders – pro-life leaders – here in our state,” Behney said. “And I’m convinced as sure as I’m standing here that they are more concerned with their egos and with their jobs than with saving lives.”

Behney didn’t give any examples of pro-life groups or leaders to back up his accusations.

Mike Fichter, the chairman of the Indiana Right to Life PAC took exception to Behney’s statement.

“Mr. Behney’s comment reveals an uninformed and cynical view of what drives Indiana’s pro-life leaders to invest their lives in the most selfless of causes by speaking on behalf of unborn children,” he told

“Indiana’s pro-life leaders are mostly volunteers who give sacrificially of their time and money so that children they will never meet might be given a chance at life. This is the heartbeat of Indiana’s pro-life movement,” the IRTL leader added.

Fichter said he has never met Behney and is not aware of Behney ever meeting with any member of the Indiana Right to Life board of directors or any president of one of Indiana Right to Life’s 38 county affiliates.

“An error of perception and judgment of this magnitude, and concerning allies in the fight for the unborn, has caused us to lose confidence in him and his reliability, so much so that we cannot recommend him to voters,” says Fichter.

Fichter said the Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee is encouraging pro-life voters to thoroughly review the survey responses and voting records of its remaining endorsed candidates for the U.S. Senate Republican primary race before casting their votes primary election day.

Behney is seeking the GOP nomination for Senate against pro-life former U.S. senator Dan Coats, pro-life former congressman John Hostettler, pro-life former state legislator Marlin Stutzman and Republican bank branch manager Don Bates.

The winner will face Democratic candidate Brad Ellsworth, who says he is pro-life but voted for the pro-abortion health care bill.

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Indiana Right to Life –

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Tape of Abortion Center Failing to Report Sexual Abuse Goes to Kentucky Officials

by Steven Ertelt Editor April 27, 2010

Louisville, KY ( — The undercover videotape showing another abortion business caught covering up a potential case of sexual abuse of a minor is heading to Kentucky officials. A Louisville, Kentucky abortion center is the latest caught on tape ignoring sexual abuse of a child and giving misleading abortion counseling.

Commonwealth’s Attorney R. David Stengel, State Attorney General Jack Conway, and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services all received copies of the tape.

Last week, Live Action, a pro-life group led by college students, released another in a long line of videos showing problems at Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers nationwide.

The new footage showed EMW Women’s Surgical Center and has Lila Rose and actor Jackie Stollar, who posed undercover as a minor telling the staff that she was 14-years-old and impregnated by her 31-year-old “boyfriend”.

The group informed today that it sent full footage, some 34 minutes of recordings, of their undercover investigation to Kentucky authorities.

In media reports following the release of the footage to the public last Wednesday, the abortion center admitted that an abused child report was not filed and that its staff “would never report it at that point” to authorities because of a lack of information.

“This abortion center does not get to choose when to report abuse of a child,” Live Action president Lila Rose told “Kentucky law states that child abuse must be reported immediately and after clinic staff was clearly told about the abuse scenario, they failed to report or even ask the appropriate questions.”

In the state of Kentucky, sex between a 14-year-old and a 31-year-old is rape in the third degree and Kentucky law requires child abuse to be reported to law enforcement immediately.

Rose’s group is requesting that state officials investigate the abortion center’s compliance with state informed consent laws.

She also believes the abortion center may be disregarding state health standards and informed consent laws.

In the videotape, abortion staff at EMW Women’s Surgical Center present misinformation about fetal development, saying that, “you don’t get brain activity till like 18, 19 weeks” despite the fact that brain waves have been detected as soon as 6 weeks after fertilization.

The abortion center also falsely implies that the unborn child is not living by stating that, “it’s not a living, breathing, baby at this point.”

In the video, an EMW Women’s Surgical Center named Wendy determines that Rose is “14 to 15-weeks pregnant” and that an abortion at that point in pregnancy would cost over $1,000.

Rose tells the abortion counselor she wants to keep the situation secret from her parents.

Though Rose gave no indication she would face abusive parents if she informed them of her pregnancy, the abortion center directs Rose to call Louisville attorney Mickey Adams so she can obtain a judicial bypass around Kentucky’s parental consent law.

“The only way you can get away without having a parent with you, is, there is an attorney here in town. Her name is Mickey Adams. And she would take you in front of a judge for you to obtain a judicial bypass,” Wendy says.

Judicial bypass provisions are meant to allow teenagers in potentially abusive situations to get out of the parental involvement-before-abortion law but abortion centers routinely employ pro-abortion attorneys to get teens around the requirement.

The video shows that, even though the counselor later calls Adams on the phone, the abortion center failed to ask the questions necessary to file a child sexual abuse report and did not communicate to Rose about the illegal or dangerous nature of her sexual relationship.

The abortion counselor tells the supposed minor that it won’t be a “big deal” to get the judicial bypass.

Rose said she is disappointed by the actions of the EMW Women’s Surgical Center abortion counselor.

“In abortion clinics across the country, our undercover videos document the widespread cover up of sexual abuse. Abortion clinics like EMW in Louisville center attempt to fast track underage abortions on vulnerable girls, shut out parents, and blatantly ignore their legal obligation to report the sex predator to police,” she told

A similar video released in December from an Appleton, Wisconsin abortion center prompted state senator Glenn Grothman to call for an investigation of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Also, two embryologists denounced Planned Parenthood’s counseling, calling it “absurd and scientifically erroneous.”

Live Action also released a video last February catching Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin failing to comply with mandatory reporting laws for the sexual abuse of a 14 year old girl.

Live Action previously highlighted problems at Planned Parenthoods in California, Indiana, Arizona, Tennessee, andAlabama.